KPJ Centre for sight is subsidiary of KPJ Healthcare Berhad, one of the leading private healthcare providers
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Our centre, with our dedicated team of consultants and staffs provide the very best of comprehensive medical care for you well-being and treatment, making this a place of healing and comfort for you.
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KPJ Pusat Pakar Mata Centre For Sight is one stop eye centre with a team of professional surgeons, optometrists and nurses highly skilled in dealing with LASIK and various eye diseases.

The facilities in our centre include a technologically advanced and sophisticated equipment that together with the expertise of our ophthalmologist offer quality eye care. The centre includes:

  • A team of well-trained Surgeons
  • Qualified and experienced Optometrists
  • Caring Nurses
  • Courteous Administrative Staff
  • A team of well-informed Procedure Counselors

While most doctors welcome the growth in cosmetic surgery, our ophthalmic surgeons are not only progressive but also highly sensitive to our patients needs.

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What We Offer
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Lasik - Laser Vision Correction
Laser vision correction is alternative to eyeglasses and contact lenses that can help you see more naturally. The concept behind laser vision correction is simple – reshaping the front of the eye to change its focusing power. These elegant procedures are safe and effective with the right patient.
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Phaco with the Foldable IOL Implantation (PHACO)
Cataract is the opacity in the lens of the eye. The normal lens is transparent and allows light to reach the retina. When it becomes opaque (not transparent) light does not reach the retina and the patient is unable to see clearly. Cataract is the most common cause of blindness in our country.


  • Return home within hours from the procedures.
  • Fast recovery of vision in a matter of days instead of weeks or even months.
  • Minimal restriction of activities i,e. normal household, recreational and even occupational activities may be resumed within a week.
  • No bandage, no dark glasses, no restrictions and no precautions.
  • Reduces the chance of surgically induces astigmatism.
  • No wound or suture related compilation.
  • Less inflammation after the surgery.
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KPJ Pusat Pakar Mata Centre For Sight
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